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say it tastes like half and half from other dairies. homegrown raw milk straight from the cow.out with the old, in with the new!on the grapevine why beer might just go better with chocolate than wine...with this wine wrap they are totally relaxed before they even start the massage. pampering with wine from head to toe.tonight, bringing this lifestyle into your own home, all now in wine country. hello and welcome, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. one of the great things about wine country is
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its diversity. where else can you be wine tasting one minute and whale watching the next? that's right, whether you're in the santa cruz, mendocino or the carmel valley wine country, you're not far from the launch point of a whale of an adventure in wine country. my name is nancy. i'm the marine biologist and i'll be uh talking on the pa today about what we see.perhaps you're thinking this must be a "whale of a tale"...we'll be taking off here.the idea of whale watching in wine country? for many folks, wine country and whale watching really do go hand in hand.we came out basically to get up into the napa valley, we like wine, well, especially myself. russ matzen and a group of friends visiting from virginia are combining wine tasting and a day trip with "monterey bay whale watch."i want to see some whales! we're going to an area where
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we went yesterday which is about another 5 miles further out. doesn't mean they're gonna be where they were yesterday, but it's always good to look where you went the day before. while eager passengers stand guard with cameras clutched in hand, trip leader nancy black's on the lookout.monterey bay is probably one of the best places in the world to see you know a really diversity of whales and dolphins. we can see whales here year round and there's no other place in the world where you really can do that.oh yeah. two of them. excellent. we have our first sighting! whales spotted off our port there certainly could be others in there, too. we might just barely be getting to the feeding area. so once we get up there we'll slow down.sure enough, many more whales break the surface. schools of playful dolphins descend on our boat,
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don't get this at disneyland! it's really exciting. there's probably over a thousand dolphins with maybe up to 20 humpback whales all around. all the sheer waters are here feeding, too. they're all feeding on anchovies. so this is like a big hot spot we hit right in the middle of the ocean. over the years, nancy has captured video of breeching whales, hunting killer whales and some close encounters of the aquatic kind. in fact the humpback whales can be quite curious. sometimes they'll come right up to our boat. we just stop. if they're coming towards us we just stop the boat. and sometimes they're just as curious about us as we are about them so actually that gets pretty exciting. as if on cue today, a humpback does a move called a "spy hop" to take a peek at the awe-struck sightseers.whoaaa! oh gosh seeing the humpback whales so close to the boat was just like indescribeable.
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it was wonderful. it took us a while to get out there, but when we finally got out there it seemed like everything broke loose and it was real exciting. everyone agrees they really did have -- what else? -- a whale of a good time. coming up, after that adventure at sea, you'll need a little wine country're wrapped in hot steeping wine soaked towels. and later...they get part of the dream, part of the hopes, part of the stoke.the stoke of surfing and making wine, poured into one bottle. and if you're on facebook, join our fan page at see you there.
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a heart attack? every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. but it doesn't have to be that way. every day there's hope. join me and the american heart association and get serious about your heart and your health. if you're doing nothing, do something. if you're doing something, do more. find healthy living solutions from the american heart association's my heart my life. it's that simple. when you hear the name fess
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parker you probably think of his roles as television's daniel boone or davy crockett , or perhaps of his santa barbara county winery. but the legendary actor also owns the wine country inn and spa in los olivos where you can head for some vintage r & r. in one pampering treatment at "spa vigne" you can get completely wrapped up in wine. the name of the spa is spa vigne which is a spa of the vinewe try to focus most of our treatments around the wine theme.the wine infusion wrap is deeply relaxing. therapist diane hovey prepares the infusion. crushed grapeseeds are mixed in with rosemary, eucalyptus and calendula.we put the herbs insideofa big tea pouch.the "tea bag" infuses a water bath. your treatment begins when diane
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adds the key ingredient, red wine. it's uh one of fess parker's wines.diane soaks towels in the wine and herb infusion that she lays under and over your body.okay? uh-hum. then she wraps you in heated and mylar blankets.the heat relaxes you. i've heard people describe themselves as being cocooned in their mother's womb if they could imagine what it would be like. that's might be what it's like.chilled grapeseed leaves are placed over the eyes.the contrasting cool and hot is a nice effect and will keep her body temperature from overheating.there's also a full body massage once the wrap is's just a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. that in itself is very healing. healing and pampering, through wine. most people eat chocolate with
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red wine. but did you ever consider that in some cases beer may be a better bet?the man who created "pete's wicked ale" should know. pete slosberg is an expert in microbrews and now he's got a second career making chocolate. you heard it through the grapevine, "cocoa pete's" in town with beer and chocolate pairings 101. we're going to do a chocolate education session.pete slosberg is a man on a mission. he's touring the country, speaking at venues like san francisco's cathedral hill hotel, spreading the word that chocolate goes great with beer, not wine.yeah, everybody says red wine and chocolate. but when you sit down and actually do it, it doesn't work the vast, vast majority of the time. beer is something pete knows a thing or two about. you see, he's "pete" of "pete's wicked ale"
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fame. he used to run one of the most successful microbrews in the country.i find that pairing chocolates with beer is actually much easier. but don't think pete's just trying to sell more beer. he's not. pete got out of the beer biz years ago. now he's running a gourmet chocolate company called "cocoa pete's."the best way to enjoy it is to take a little bite -- not a big one -- but a little bite of the chocolate, let it melt on the tongue and as it liquefies try a sip of the beer. pete leads tastings to introduce folks to his chocolates -- and to debunk the old myth that they're best paired with red wine.that was a surprise! you know, i'd think that wine would definitely pair pretty well with chocolate. i would think that.only about 5% of the pairings work. literally, 95% of the pairings are either horrible or mediocre at best.
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the reason beer works better, pete says, is that chocolate and beer have a lot in common. chocolate and wine do not. chocolate ranges from fundamentally bitter to sweet. beer ranges fundamentally from bitter to sweet. so you have much more, a high probability of getting what i'll call flavors that come together.not that we're taking pete's word for it. lots of folks are here tonight to put his theory to the test.i wasn't too thrilled about it at first. but it was really good. i think it's better than with wine. after an evening of tasting chocolate and beer, pete's won over some today tasting for the first time chocolate and beer, it can match. i think it can match really well. i've always paired it with wine and tonight is the first time i've paired it with beer, and i have to say, it is great. it seems pete's making progress...cheers!
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chocolate lover at a your health, sir. well there's no chocolate involved, just a little pomace in today's pop quiz. in fact our question today, what is pomace?is it:a - the solid residue left after pressing grapesb - a special stone winemakers use to clean their hands orc - a chunk of grape skins sometimes found in old wine barrels?you know the drill, we'll have the answer coming up after the break. also ahead... we're just doing the same things that people have been doing for hundreds of years. making milk the tradional way in wine country. click on to see behind the scenes photos, watch videos, download podcasts and sign up for our email newsletter. all at
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i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side adjusts independently to their unique sleep number. here's what clinical research has found: ® 93% of participants experienced back-pain relief. ® 90% reported reduced aches and pains. ® 87% fell asleep faster and enjoyed more deep sleep. for study summaries, call this number now. we'll include a free dvd and brochure about the sleep number bed including prices, and models plus a
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free $50 savings card. and how about this? steel springs can cause uncomfortable pressure points. but the sleep number bed contours to your body. imagine how good you'll feel when your muscles relax and you fall into a deep sleep! i'm not just a back surgeon, i'm also a back patient. i sleep on the sleep number bed myself and i highly recommend it to all of my patients. need another reason to call? the sleep number bed costs about the same as an innerspring but lasts twice as long. so if you want to sleep better or find relief for your bad back, call now. call the number on your screen for your free information kit with dvd, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card.
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call now! welcome back, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. well did you guess the answer to our pop quiz today, what is pomace?is it:a - the solid residue left after pressing grapesb - a special stone winemakers use to clean their hands orc - a chunk of grape skins sometimes found in old wine barrels?i'll admit it, it sounds like something you'd use to clean and soften your skin. and in fact i have a "pumice" stone at home. but in this case "pomace" is something different. in fact the answer is a. pomace is the residue left after pressing winemaking terms, pomace is the mass of grape skins, stems, seeds and pulp left over after pressing. consider this your rock solid pop quiz.
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you know they make wine in wine country but did you know wine country's also home to several family owned dairies? and just like some wineries are known for their small production artisan wine, we've discovered a dairy that makes an artisan style of milk called "raw milk." that's milk that's neither pasteurized nor homogenized.we recently visited claravale farm in watsonville, to see homegrown milk made fresh at the dairy. it's early on a chilly morning at claravale dairy farm in santa cruz county. the sun's beginning to warm the earth, and the cows are growing restless.moo they've lined up to be milked, just as they do every morning, 'round about the same's what they've been bred to do for hundreds of years. they're very comfortable with it. what they're not comfortable with, however, is our camera.
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dairy cows are creatures of routine, and our camera is definitely not routine.but with gentle prodding from alejandro guzman, the cows amble into place for milking. this is called a claw. this is what we hook up to the udder. it has a vacuum in it - a pulsation on it - so it kind of mimics a calf sucking on the udder.ron garthwaiteis the owner of claravale farm. milking these cows may be the workaday routine for ron, but the milk produced here is anything but ordinary.we do not process the milk at all. so whatever the cows are doing, that's what goes into the bottle. which means the consumer's gonna get a much higher quality bottle of milk. claravale farm is one of only two dairies in california producing "raw milk." ron's milk basically goes straight from the cow to the customer. raw milk is milk that hasn't
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been cooked. other milks have been cooked to preserve them. in other words, claravale farm milk is not pasteurized. nor is it homogenized. nothing is added to it, nothing is taken out.some of our customers are really health conscious so they buy their milk because it's um really nutritious. but the other group that buys it, and probably the bigger group, are people who um are just looking for really high quality fresh local food. but claravale farm's milk might not be for everyone. since it's not pasteurized, each bottle carries government warnings describing the potential risks. which might give pause to some folks.if people are nervous about buying it then they shouldn't buy it. ron's small herd is all "jersey" cows. animals, by the way, not all that concerned with our camera anymore. ron says jersies produce higher quality milk than the holsteins ranched at most large dairies. within
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hours of milking, ron's product is hand bottled and shipped out -- mostly to health foods stores like whole foods and mother's market. this is, of course, the old- fashioned way to run a dairy. but if you ask ron, it's the only way -- he'd say the best way -- to make if you're interested in quality if you're interested in food and you're interested in seeing what real milk from a good quality cow tastes like, it's a totally different thing. stay with us, up next, catching a wave in wine country...people who surf a lot and people who are involved in the wine business, they have no choice but to be in touch with nature.why surfing and making wine are a natural pairing. click on to see behind the scenes photos, watch videos, download
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podcasts and sign up for our email newsletter. all at and if you're on facebook, join our fan page at see you there.
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next week in wine country...a white water adventure where good wine and food are key provisions...goat cheese fresh as a flower...and, creating a tuscan dream home.that's all next time, in wine country. the winemakers we meet are passionate about what they do and the wines they make.and, they often have hobbies that are totally unrelated to wine. in the case of sonoma county's longboard vineyards, winemaker oded shaked is stoked about surfing, collecting and restoring, what else, but
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longboards. behind the label, this vintner's connection to a restored barn, surfboards and wine. i like finding old longboards and restoring them. i like the idea of trying to preserve the heritage of eh well the surfing tribe if you want. i feel i definitely that i belong to that.oded shaked is focused on one of his passions -- restoring a longboard.this board will eventually join oded's collection.the top board is a jacobs and this is actually the exact same board that i had that was my first board in 1972. the bottom board is an interesting one. it's a hobie and if you see right here, at the back of the board there's still the original permit from the city of newport beach from 1969. oded's hobby is also the namesake of his sonoma county
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winery, longboard vineyards.on all of my labels i tell people spend more time with surfing with friends and family and less time reading the back copy of wine labels. people have bought the wine just because of the label because "oh my dad was a surfer" or "my partner surfs" and then they tasted the wine and they said "wow, you know we didn't expect it, it's a great wine too."the vineyard here, he calls "dakine".dakine of course being a hawaiian word which could almost mean anything you want but i use it in the sense of the this barn that oded also restored, another surfing- related item. ready to see my little baby? sure. five years of sanding and varnishing.oh look at that woodie.oded is renovating this classic surfer car.this is a real 19-51 ford woodie wagon. it's a labor of love. it's almost done, restored. the outside is done, the engine is done.
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i've still gotta finish the interior but uh that is uh. got your name on my name on it. now it's my turn to be stoked, when oded offers me a ride. surf's up. this is so cool.a little joy ride up and down westside drivethat was dakine!that was dakine. yeah, you got may have noticed one thing missing at oded's barn...winemaking equipment. that's because he makes longboard wines down the road at j vineyards and winery in healdsburg.where he pulls double duty as j's head winemaker.i fit in longboard into my holidays, weekends, after work, whenever i can. here he also tends to barrels of longboard.this is the silk road syrah.a hands-on operation, from grape to bottle.most likely i touched that individual bottle. they do get that. they get part of the dream, part of the hopes,
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part of the stoke, part of the passion. it's definitely in, waves and soul in wine country.
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that's gonna do it for our show today. thank you for joining us. from longboard vineyards in sonoma county, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show, log onto our website,
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